Powerboat Nationals is an entertaining Championship Event filled with a minimum

of 10 of the worlds newest, fastest, sleekest

inshore powerboats.


These watercraft look like fighter jets on the water. These pilots race on an high speed oval course and maintain top speeds as they enter into and maneuver around the turns with out letting up, fighting each other for the win. 

Off-Road Nationals is geared towards the 4x4 lover in everybody. These events are designed for all years of Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Gladiators, Ford Broncos and Hummer.

We will start off the weekend with a street parade on Friday Night. A "Show and Shine" day on Saturday, along with a vendor alley. Saturday Night will either feature a DJ party or Live Music concert. Sunday will be awards and raffle/auction day.

Hydro-Cross Nationals went out and found the most entertaining water show we could find and it includes: Two class of Jet Skis...One stand up and one sit down.

Imagine taking the smallest jet ski you can find and installing the biggest motor that you can find...and then race it around an obstacle course on water. That is exactly what we have done with Hydro-Cross. Guaranteed to be entertaining for the entire family.